Screws, nuts, plugs and more than 70‘000 other industrial fasteners

In Switzerland we are one oft the leading companies in industrial fasteners. With more than 70‘000 articles, more than 40‘000 in stock, we are able to satisfy almost every customer requirement. Our product portfolio ranges from current DIN screws and nuts, to plugs, Threaded rods and custom-made products. We are partners of well-known brands such as Lindapter, MKT, Unbrako, Brunox, Masterfix, WD-40, Loctite and Gripple.

 Please, test us! We like to advise you. We are happy to count several thousands of satisfied customers in all over Switzerland with activities in the mechanical engineering, metalworking, construction and civil engineering or wooden building. Selected examples of satisfied clients you will find in our „Galery of True heros“.